Workshop Kit

Kits come with the 4 card decks, big gameboards, sticky tack and rubber bands. Kits are made to order in English,
Turkish or mixed editions.

₺ 550*

Sales are made through YEM Kitabevi’s website. If you have any questions about sales please contact us

For international sales email YEM’s sales team, subject IMAGINABLE GUIDELINES.

* Approximately: 1 $ = 5.3 ₺ / 1 € = 6 ₺, card decks are 35$ / 30 € including international shipping.

Tools for Workshops

It’s easy to set up a game of HEY! Imaginable Guidelines.
Get a copy of the card deck, download the tools below and you’re good to go!



This game board is for 6 people, it indicates places for each player and their cards. Color or b&w printable. Jpeg file, 13mb

84 x 42 cm

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 18.22.19.png

EMpty Cards

These files can be used to create new cards based on necessities of the gameplay. Just print them out and add to the deck!
Pdf file, 850K


Asset 3@4x-100.jpg


This document will include possible scenarios to play, and tips & tricks to ensure enjoyable game time.