A base of knowledge that brings neighbors together to make real-life decisions. Design guidelines for everyone to imagine an enjoyable city together

A design toolkit to explore the limits and opportunities your city offers. Methods for everyone to discuss livable cities with each other.

A sharing platform that empowers designers, citizens, and municipal actors to think holistically with artworks and design ideas of over 150 contributors.

A deck-of-cards designed to share a vocabulary and a set of solutions to discuss public space design. A game to make you take action like facilitating workshops with citizens or participating in a public space transformation.


Use HEY! Imaginable Guidelines Card Game to open up conversations around the issues in your neighborhood. You are equipped to co-design a beloved, fluid and more livable city.


Propose a schematic urban design solution. Reach-out to actors needed for change.
Identify the resources and expertise needed to move forward (allow the topic cards to guide you!)

Commission a designer, engineer, or look into crowd-funding platforms,
communicate your ideas to everyone and develop your network!

Reach out to NGO’s, neighborhood organizations, your local municipality:
seek out and learn the options available to realize your city design solutions.
Your local ‘Muhtar’ or neighborhood association is a good starting point.

Send us your custom guideline for your stated problem
or share a new topic you deem to be pertinent.