How to Play
HEY! Imaginable Guidelines

It’s easy to play HEY!, just get together at least 3 players, aged 14+ and follow the instructions below.

We also have tools for Educators and Moderators.

The Set-Up

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  • Everybody sits around the board and The Moderator states the public space design challenge.

  • Players choose a role to play. (Roles could be; Neighborhood Resident, Expert, Investor, Municipality or NGO depending on the specifics of the challenge.)

  • The cards are shuffled and get passed around one-by-one, to equal amounts between the players.

  • Each player, acting as their chosen role, inspects the cards and to separates them into one of these three categories:





Begin Playing

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  • One by one, players present all the topics that are NOT IMPORTANT according to their role.
    If another player’s role thinks it is IMPORTANT they take the card and add it to their pile.
    If all agree it is NOT Important then it is placed art-side up in the NOT IMPORTANT pile.

  • Players present all the topics that their role felt is IMPORTANT.
    If another player’s role thinks it is NOT Important they debate the topic.
    If all agree it is IMPORTANT then it is placed text-side up on the Important pile.
    If the debate demonstrates it is IMPORTANT to some but NOT Important to others, the players decide which Role’s WISHFUL pile will advocate the most for it.

  • Players present all their topics that their role felt was WISHFUL.
    If all the other players feel it IMPORTANT it gets placed in the IMPORTANT pile.
    If all the other players feel it is NOT Important it stays in the WISHFUL pile of that role.
    If other players agree it is WISHFUL it goes in the center of the board art-side up.


The Debate

  • The remaining WISHFUL cards of each Player get a final debate.
    If a Player, according to her role, still feels very strongly about a card, it goes into the center.
    If they do not feel they would advocate it further, it is placed in the NOT Important pile.

  • Remove all the NOT Important cards into the box.
    Re-organize all the IMPORTANT Cards in their colors and number order.
    IN A SEPARATE PILE re-organize all the WISHFUL cards.

  • Place the IMPORTANT cards in a row on the right side of the board from top to bottom.
    Place the WISHFUL cards to the left side of the board from top to bottom.
    Make sure you can see all the topic names only.

Cards placed as shown at the end of a game.

Cards placed as shown at the end of a game.



1.     Players present their discussion and their summary. (In a workshop with multiple groups each TEAM does this presentation.)

  • What was most debated?

  • What was most agreeable?

  • How would you summarize a design guideline based on stakeholder discussion?

  • What challenges do you feel the stakeholder’s may present during the design process?

2.     Go through all the cards that were considered NOT IMPORTANT and have the moderator challenge their agreement or disagreement on if these topics should be discarded from the design challenge.

3.     Have each PLAYER choose one card they found interesting to consider and one that was debated or was controversial in their team. Each PLAYER presents their two cards:

  • What have they learned?

  • What have they discussed?

  • And what possible revisions to the cards to build a better consensus?



Create a Design Guideline for your Public Space Design Challenge!

  1. Players can compare boards with the other teams playing or other teams that have played on similar design challenges.

  2. Players have blank cards to use if they need to create new topics relevant to their design challenge that does not exist in the deck. OR re-write cards as your team thinks the description can better suit the specific challenge as well as the design guideline.

  3. Write a summary of the discussion to create a design brief and the final results act as an appendix.


Tools for Educators

It’s easy to set up a game of HEY! Imaginable Guidelines.
Get a copy of the card deck, download the tools below and you’re good to go!



This game board is placed on a table to indicate places for each player and their cards.
Jpeg file, 10MB

84 x 42 cm

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EMpty Cards

These files can be used to create new cards based on necessities of the gameplay. Just print them out and add to the deck!
Pdf file, 850K




This document includes possible scenarios to play, and tips & tricks to ensure enjoyable game time.
Pdf file, 3.9MB



Role playing activity

Players create their own unique personas for their role playing characters.
PDF file, 4.8MB