Imagine a better city – designed by you and your neighbors: Join us!

Imaginable Guidelines is designed to help you design your environment better than anybody. Simple process of dialogue between stakeholders is crucial for good design. So to help you locate the problems and gather solutions, Imaginable Guidelines creates a environment for healthy, knowledgeable debate. Try for yourself and decide.

You can help us reach more people. You can be an educator, contributor or a partner. You can help by conducting workshops, contributing artwork or sponsor workshops. Scroll down to see where you fit and what you can do.


How to Join Us

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Citizens and Designers

Imagine a better city – designed by you and your neighbors

HEY! Imaginable Guidelines can help you learn urban design vocabulary. Designed as a deck-of-cards that can be played to Imagine, Discuss and Share urban issues with actors ranging from design professional like architects or urban planners to municipal actors and even to policy makers and real estate developers/ investors. It is also great fun to role-play with your family or dinner party guests to understand how your voice can contribute to local initiatives.


Facilitate better understanding, get solid results

HEY! Imaginable Guidelines is designed as an educational tool to bring essential concepts of urban design to every citizen by turning it into a game. You can be a high school or university teacher, urban NGO and design activist. If you want to include gameplay session as part of your curriculum in our up-coming pedagogical instructions that can give you different ideas on how to use HEY! Imaginable Guidelines. We are organizing workshops specially designed for Educators of different levels every three months. You can hear more about by following our Facebook page and checking the activities page.

  • You can buy the Workshop Kit for your class or school online at YEM.

  • Take a look at Educators Resources, leaflets, game boards and instructions are free to download and use.

  • In the near future You can check-out some of the scenarios, videos, and pedagogical kits prepared for:

    • Design Students

    • High School Students

    • NGOS

  • You can learn about our next Educator event.

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HEY! Imaginable Guidelines is a crowdsourced platform of urban design. Our content brings together works of visual artists with concepts and elements of public space explained by academicians and designers. Contributors are all that contribute-in-kind to the knowledge sharing, dissemination and pedagogical activities.

  • If you want to contribute by writing a topic you can register at our database. (Soon!)

  • If you want to contribute by offering your artworks for next editions, please contact us at: imaginableguidelines@gmail.com.

  • If you want to contribute to HEY! Imaginable Guidelines as an Angel Investor. Please contact us at: imaginableguidelines@gmail.com.

    • You can Gift a Workshop Kit for a University, a Library or an NGO

    • You can Gift a box set to contributors

    • You can Gift 20-pack to fellow city lovers

  • If you want to host a Gameplay event or Meet-up for your community, local initiative, professional practice or educational/cultural programs venue please contact us.


HEY! Imaginable Guidelines partnerships underpin our affectiveness to ensure diversity of voices, artist engagement and quality of content in our published cards. Cities, professional organizations, cultural institutions/initiatives, universities and NGO’s are all critical partners to ‘touch’ and generate the living culture of urban design ideas, voices, initiatives, and topics. We provide partners with all the open-source tools, network and platforms to adopt the Imaginable Guidelines Deck-of-Card’s to their city, to create specific cards for a community’s local initiative, to create a new category of topics to share, or generate important pedagogical and outreach tools to communities around the world.

  • Adapt the deck-of-cards to the specifics and unique public space culture of your city.

  • Generate new topics specific to your public space design initiative.

  • Create a new category from your communities, professional or initiative’s know-how.

  • Collaborate with educators and professionals to research and develop pedagogical tools for using HEY! In community consultancy settings, design education or high-school social innovation programs.

Please contact us at imaginableguidelines@gmail.com for details.

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